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DSCS work from a consultative perspective, to ensure only the best solutions are implemented for every customer through the services we design and tailor to each.
All clients are different and for this reason, we regularly stress test the expectations of each, to maintain our own high level of standards, as well as sustain business growth.

Principles of corporate governance: The Company’s Board of Directors appreciates the value of good corporate governance, not only in the areas of accountability and risk management, but also as a positive contribution to business prosperity.

We believe corporate governance involves more than a simple“box ticking” approach, to establish whether a company has met the requirements of a number of specific rules and regulations.

Our approach is one of applying corporate governance principles in a sensible and pragmatic fashion, having regard to the individual circumstances of the company’s business.

Our customers are frequently invited to visit our offices, meet the teams in place and experience the investment of materials, personnel and resources.