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ATM Software Distribution And Retrieval Solutions

With the attendant cost of site visits on ATMs to install patches & software (logs) retrieval, DSCS remote software distribution and retrieval solution manages this remotely thereby eliminating the time and cost associated.


Multi-Vendor Self-Service Monitoring Solution

DSCS Launch into Self Services Consultancy in Nigeria with dedicated young consultants with experiences across different ATM & POS vendors over the years has been able to provide Consultancy services to different banks in Nigeria.


ATM Adverts Management Solution

"Helping you use your Automatic Teller Machine locations to promote your brand identity, build your customer base and add to your bottom-line."

Our in-house Branch Transformation division delivers breathtaking projects worldwide.

DSCS boasts a skilled team of engineers, designers, sign makers and field specialists, who deliver a comprehensive Branch Transformation service for customers around
the world.

The scope of project work our teams are commissioned is varied and come from many industries, with customers ranging from Banks, Retail, Defence, TV Companies, Law
Enforcement and Medical organisations, to name a few.

Having such talented master craftsmen, project managers and skilled engineers as part of the DSCS Limited, available on tap, has helped DSCS to truly become the
end-to-end service provider unparalleled in the Branch Transformation and ATM Service industry.

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