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Short Course Description:

The Wincor ProCash and Cineo ATM technical training is a dynamic Instructor led course that includes lecture led and hands on training. Basic troubleshooting tips as
well as software integration, and diagnostics of the machine are also covered. This course allows the student to work through labs, obtaining the necessary hands-on
training required to successfully maintain an ATM machine to provide maximum availability to the end user a premium level.

Status Messages:

This part covers basic fault code status messages that may be displayed within the software and/or On-board Diagnostics.
We cover the meaning of the status messages as it pertains to each ATM module
We will split this section of the training into lecture time and then lab training where the technician can get hands-on training.


This training covers in detail how to access On-Board Diagnostics menu to determine and clear Hardware/Software faults.
Diagnostic menu used to help determine the location of both Hardware/Software faults and the steps to remedy the issue.
If authorized, detailed K-Diags will be demonstrated to the student
This portion will consist of lecture time and lab training


This is lab-based training.
We set up different and common errors that the student may encounter while in the field.
It will be expected they troubleshoot the issue to find the remedy and clear the fault.
Many different labs will be set up in order to expose as many possible real world scenarios.

Hands On Skills:

This is lab based training
We break down each major hardware component and go through replacement of each hardware module.
We cover how to remove and install each module specific item.
We also cover how to install any software specific fixes that might occur in the field.