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ATM Service & Maintenance

DSCS provide the full range of managed services designed to meet the operational and strategic needs of our clients, from reactive maintenance, DSCS have extensive experience in the Management of ATM Estates, supporting ATM service providers, along with managing a 1st and 2nd line maintenance to an ATM estate of over six hundred units, delivering solutions encompassing Commissioning, Installations, Repairs, Refurbishments and Parts Logistics Services.

Maintenance Engineer Management& Support

Our engineers are equipped with smart phone (CUG) lines linked to the DSCS help desk, where the full job is managed. The information on the smart phones contains full details of the call they need to attend and provide them with the last 3 months previous visit information.

The smart phones also contain all technical specifications and any documents required.

The engineers are tasked on a first time fix and pre-emptive maintenance program, meaning that when they attend a call, they will perform a preventative maintenance inspection check and also carry out any scheduled finite life component replacements upgrades.

Proactive Approach to Maintenance

DSCS believes that our proactive maintenance approach, can also drive down faults with the ATM, A four monthly testing and cleaning programme would be exercised as part of the maintenance program.

This will drive availability, reliability and cost control. DSCS have identified the key elements to achieve this aim:

• Preventative maintenance checks on every call
• Enhanced engineer and helpdesk staff training with a first time fix mentality
• A four monthly cleaning program, clean and blow out sensors,preventative maintenance on the ATM, fittings, block, magnets,harness and sensors
• The DSCS Control Centre manages our own engineering crews,parts/spares and logistics. This view will enable DSCS to focus on getting the shortest possible fix times.
• An ATM function test on every call out Engineer

Measurement of “first time fixes”

Standard methods for measuring “first time fixes” (same part failing within 72 hours) do not, in DSCS opinion, give the truest picture of overall service success. For this reason, DSCS will measure in a more robust manner.

The DSCS strategy of preventive maintenance and engineer empowerment creates an environment in which no ATM should refault within a period of 14 days. The only exception would be when such failure was due to vandalism or poor quality notes being loaded.
The higher standards set by DSCS will result in higher availability on your ATM estate, and ultimately lower costs for DSCS as call volumes are driven down.

Technical Workforce

DSCS utilise a “pyramid” training model that cascades across our technical workforce over a scalable time-line, utilising 3 highly skilled multi-vendor level 3 support ATM engineers. This ensures DSCS provide highly skilled ATM service maintenance support to our customer base over a wide range of ATM type and manufactures.

Engineer Training & Equipment

The DSCS model places great emphasis on having the best trained engineers in the ATM servicing sector. All engineers will be secondline engineering trained and will receive a minimum of one refresher training session per year. In addition, engineers will receive a range of supplementary courses, including those in customer service and security.

DSCS also employ third line technical specialists. This senior staffs are responsible for the performance of that device type within the estate against a range of criteria including availability and “first time fix” rate.

Their duties include the responsibility for ensuring that each and every engineer within the organisation is trained to a first-class standard, possessing the necessary skills and knowledge to identify the most complex faults and to fix every component within every ATM type.

Part of this training process is to ensure that all the staff carry the relevant documentation and support manuals and have the latest advice which will be compiled by the senior engineering staff team and distributed on a monthly basis to all engineers.

Engineers work with ATM Parts to ensure that they remain conversant with the latest technology. To this end they will also assist in the reworking and maintenance of failed spares. These engineers are again monitored on their performance within the workshop to provide the management team with the insight needed to closely monitor performance / identify training requirements and enhance their skill set.

Engineers carry Smartphone keeping them in direct contact with the DSCS Control Centre. Their Smartphone also acts as a handbook, allowing engineers to have remote access to detailed technical information, providing instant reference to critical information and further increasing the percentage of first time fixes.

Hours of Service

DSCS will set the operational working hours around theneeds and request of our customers

National Coverage Guaranteed

From our Head Office in Bamako Omole, Lagos, DSCS are able to oversee and manage our network of Field Services Engineers spread across the length and breadth of Nigeria and West Africa.

Operating out of strategically placed hubs, our engineers are able to respond to the needs of our customers on-time and within their SLA’s.